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   J-DSP News

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 2023 ICASSP Paper on JDSP for Quantum Fourier
       Transforms accepted New

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 2023 NSF Grant on JDSP for Quantum Information
       Systems New

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 2022 Training UG Students in Quantum Information
       Systems New

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 2021 J-DSP for labs during the pandemic New

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 IUSE Workshop April 2021

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 J-DSP 20th anniversary

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 J-DSP used for training teachers

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 J-DSP machine learning in sophomore class

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 New outreach session May 2019 at Corona Del
       Sol high school

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 REU site used JDSP for machine learning

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 ASEE CoED journal paper published (2019)

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 JDSP Machine Learning Module on word
       recognition presented at ICASSP 2019

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 AJDSP version 2018 now available at Google

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 New J-DSP Machine Learning Features

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 iJDSP upgraded to iOS 11

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 J-DSP Ported on the HTML5 Platform

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 ASU online DSP course uses JDSP

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 New JDSP course across curriculum

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 JDSP proposal on sensors funded by NSF

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 New JDSP Book: ISBN 978-1-4675-9892-7

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 JDSP Workshop at UNM 2014

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 JDSP Workshop at UCy-CUT 2014

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 JDSP Workshop at University Club 2014

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 Demonstration of AJDSP at FSE 100

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 Demonstration of AJDSP at CDS High School

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 AJDSP now on Google Play

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 AJDSP m-Health Workshop 2013

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 iJDSP Audio Analysis Workshop 2013

    AJDSP_comming_to_google_play_20130723 The AJDSP app

    UCy_workshop_20130723 NSF Phase 3 JDSP Workshop at UCy 2013

    Engineering Open House Outreach 2013

    Android-JDSP: Signal Analysis Workshop

    Collaborative J-DSP Workshop

    NEEDS Premier Award 2012 for iJDSP

    Get the Free iJDSP App

    J-DSP Workshop at Cyprus

    J-DSP Workshop on RF Power Amplifiers

    J-DSP Workshop Assessment Results

    iJDSP at the Engineering Open House

    iJDSP Signal/Data Analysis Workshop

    J-DSP Sustainability Workshop at ASU

    J-DSP Workshop in GSA 2011 meeting

    J-DSP Workshop in Cyprus 2011

    J-DSP Adaptive Filters Primer 2011

    i-JDSP: J-DSP on iPad/iPhone

    J-DSP Workshop at DSPE 2011

    J-DSP Workshop at FIE 2010
    J-DSP Workshop in Cyprus

    J-DSP Adaptive Filters Primer

    J-DSP Earth Systems Workshop

    J-DSP Workshop at FIE 2009

    J-DSP Phase 3 Workshop, June 24, 2009

    New Mirror Sites created
    J-DSP for Ion Channel Sensors

    Phase 3 NSF J-DSP Project funded

    MIT uses JDSP

     Protein Structure Estimation

    J-DSP/Earth Systems Edition

    Click here for the complete list..................  

   J-DSP Mirror Websites

    University of Washington-Bothell

    University of New Mexico

    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

    University of Texas, Dallas

    University of Central Florida

    University of Rhode Island

    Johns Hopkins University


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J-DSP is accompanied by various exercises designed to familiarize a student with specific DSP topics.
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