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J-DSP Mini-Workshop at University of New Mexico

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNM Albuquerque, NM
September 4, 2014, 8:30 AM


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Chair Prof. Marios Pattichs


Agenda ( Start 8:30 AM ):

Introductions (Prof. M. Pattichis, UNM)
J-DSP Status / New Tablet software (Prof. A. Spanias)
Center projects / J-DSP in research (Prof. A. Spanias)
Univ of Cyprus Collaboration (Prof Costas Pattichis,UCy )
Univ of NM programs (M. Pattichis, UNM)
JHU J-DSP ESE programs (Prof. Hinnov - via Skype)
Use of J-DSP at Clarkson (Prof. Banavar, via Skype)
Outreach to CDS thrugh NSF RET (Mr. Strom, via Skype)
Discussion on Student Feedback and Outreach (All/Discussion)
Proposal Collborations (All/Discussion)
Next Steps (All/Discussion)
End of workshop

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Sponsors:  NSF ASU J-DSP Phase 3 - Participation Support

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