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i-JDSP: J-DSP on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

(Supported by the NSF CCLI phase 3 grant 0817596 and the ASU SenSIP Center)

With today's rapid development in mobile technology, wireless devices such as the Apple iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad have become popular platforms for education. Their advanced multi-touch interface and improved processing power can also be exploited for engineering  and STEM education demonstrations. In addition, as normal computing moves from the desktop to handhelds, the potential to encourage students into science and engineering is very real. i-JDSP is an interactive iPhone/iPad-based digital signal processing (DSP) laboratory developed at Arizona State University based on the award winning online laboratory J-DSP. The  i-JDSP iPad/iPhone environment (soon-to-be a formal iPad/iPhone application) is implemented in Objective-C and C as a native Cocoa Touch application that can be run on any iOS device.  i-JDSP offers basic signal processing simulation functions such as FFT, filtering, frequency response, PZ plot and PZ placement on the new compact and convenient iPhone/iPad graphical user interface (GUI) and provides a very compelling multi-touch programming experience. It also incorporates MIDI, DTMF, sound recorder and playback functionalities. All simulations can be visually established by forming interactive block diagrams through multi-touch and drag-and-drop. The iPad/iPhone platform is very attractive and we expect that this new environment will expand the community of student and faculty users.  The software will be disseminated in the DSP and Signals and Systems classes at ASU.  We will create and monitor a community of student users and we will also develop specific online laboratories and exercises based on this platform.

Video of the demo version created for alpha testing is made available.

i-JDSP Demo

  • Software development performed by Jinru Liu based on an adaptation of the prior J-DSP software.
  • J-DSP and i-JDSP concepts by Andreas Spanias.
  • i-JDSP Software consultants Andreas Spanias, Jayaraman Jayaraman Thiagarajan and Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy.
  • J-DSP and i-JDSP software is protected under ABOR/ASU copyright.
  • Software development supported by NSF grant # 0817596 and by ASU SenSIP.
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • This alpha version is created for internal testing and a limited beta version will be made available by August 2011.

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