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  Interfacing J-DSP with Sensor Motes  

Abstract presented at the Sensor, Signal and Information Processing (SenSIP) Workshop,
Tempe, Mission Palms, April 28-29, 2005.

Distributed wireless sensor networks (WSN) are being proposed for implementing smarter environments for security and other applications. In this project, we present a collection of Java interfaces for the Berkley sensor motes for use in tracking and localization research projects. By integrating the mote interfaces with Java-DSP we can make use of the J-DSP signal processing functions for real-time analysis of the signals acquired from the wireless sensors. Connectivity with the signal processing environment of Java-DSP is seamless and allows the user to program and run sensor signal processing algorithms from remote locations. Extensions of this project are planned for remote control of the motes by handheld devices.

  Poster at SenSIP-2005 Workshop
  AVI Demos:
  Filtering Demo
  LP Analysis Demo
  Quantization Demo
  Snapshots of the Motes:
  Snapshot 1  
  Snapshot 2  



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