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J-DSP Editor Updates

This page is for J-DSP users who have installed J-DSP on their own servers. You do not need to download anything if you are simply running J-DSP from the Internet.
Instructions for the zip file:
1. Click on the updatesX.zip file
2. When prompted select the Save option
3. Save the file to a temporary file
4. Extract the file
5. Cut and Paste the files into the directory where you installed J-DSP. If asked whether to overwrite files, select Yes (be careful to overwrite only the files we provide!)
Instructions for the .class files
1. simply save the class files into the J-DSP directory. If asked whether to overwrite files, select Yes (be careful to overwrite only the files we provide!)

J-DSP Editor is continuously improved, therefore it was deemed necessary to create a page where updates could be provided. Each J-DSP block is associated with one or more .class files. For example, the FFT block is dependent on the FFTPart.class and FFTDialog.class files. These are compiled Java files that are loaded while running J-DSP. This page contains updates for some .class files that were modified in order to correct minor problems or to improve some aspect of the respective block's underlying code.


Update date Files Comments
October 10, 2002: .zip compressed file: update1.zip
Class files: file1, file2, file3, file4, file5
For J-DSP version 1: These files enhance the functionality the of the Signal Generator block.
Note: For all Internet browsers in order to see the changes you must clear up your temporary Internet files. For I.E. do that by selecting Tools\Internet Options and pressing the Delete files button. This will only delete the temporary Internet files of your browser. For Netscape select Edit\Preferences\Advanced\Cache and press the Clear Disk cache button.

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