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J-DSP for High schools


J-DSP use for High school education

Recently, J-DSP has been fitted with functions specifically designed for high school level students. This new functionality and the accompanying modular web content is developed at Arizona State University and is aimed at introducing elements of digital signal processing (DSP), multimedia, and communications technologies to high school (HS) students. The effort is motivated by several needs and trends that include: initiatives for graduating technology-aware HS students, the need to attract HS students from diverse backgrounds to engineering programs, emphasis on mathematics through applications that appeal to high school students, etc. The web modules developed at ASU consist of HS-friendly lessons that contain J-DSP based examples connecting elements of music, telephony, and Hi-Fi entertainment to math and DSP. Efforts are underway to disseminate these materials to Phoenix high schools and assess their impact. Read the related paper for a full review of this functionality of J-DSP

J-DSP's MIDI block

J-DSP's DTMF block



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