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J-DSP Support Guide

Tip 1. Problem solving instructions:

Important: For Internet Explorer users this step is highly recommended!
Many J-DSP problems can be solved simply by installing the latest version of java from Sun. Please visit http://java.sun.com/getjava/ or http://www.java.com.  This site will take you through a series of small steps that will optimize your machine for JavaTM use.

If asked during the installation, select to install the Java Virtual Machine for all browsers present in your system.

After Installation make sure to close all browser windows and re-start your browser. This should be sufficient for you to start using the J-DSP Editor.

Tip 2. More help:

If you already have java installed in your machine, please start your Internet browser and go to the settings dialog box. For Internet Explorer (IE) you can do this by selecting tools and then Internet options as shown in figure 1. For Netscape select Edit and then Preferences as shown in figure 2.

Figure 1: I.E. Internet Options

Figure 2: Netscape Options

For both browsers select to view the advanced section of settings where you should enable use of java. Do so by clicking in the appropriate Java related checkboxes. In I.E. make sure that the Use Java ..<version information> checkbox is selected (you might try un-selecting it if you see problems). This option will be present only if you follow tip 1 above. In Netscape, make sure that the Enable Java and Enable JavaScript for Navigator boxes are selected. Changes will take effect only after you restart your browsers, so for both browsers, close and then start them again. This should do the task!

Figure 3: Internet Explorer advanced options

Figure 4:Netscape advanced options



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