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Faculty Involved and Center Affiliations


The following faculty is involved with J-DSP extensions
Prof. Andreas Spanias, DSP and Speech Processing
Prof. Antonia Papandreou, DSP and Time-Frequency Representations
Prof. Lina Karam, Image and Video Processing
Prof. Tolga Duman, Wireless Digital Communications
Prof. Kostas Tsakalis, Adaptive and Optimal Control
Prof. Susan Urban, Object Oriented Databases, Electronic Report Submission
Dr. Susan Haag, Assessment Specialist, Evaluation and Assessment of  JDSP


The following centers are affiliated with J-DSP

Multidisciplinary Initiative on Distance Learning
SenSIP Center
Department of Electrical Engineering


Engineers, faculty, students, and  scientists from the following organizations agreed to test this software and provide feedback:

University of Central Florida | University of Rhode Island | University of Minnesota | Intel Corporation | Nokia Mobile Phones | University of Cyprus | University of New Mexico | University of Texas-Dallas | Motorola Inc. | Northeastern University | Georgia Tech | University of Southern California (IMSC) | MITRice University | UPenn | USC |

In all there are more than fifty worldwide beta sites that are being established, including some in major universities in Argentina, China, Finland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.


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