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J-DSP Extention Project

Several new extensions are planned for the JDSP Editor.  These include enhancements in the JDSP infrastructure and extensions with regard to capabilities and functionality  Infrastructure extensions will provide capabilities for Java scripts that will facilitate user-friendly construction of visualization modules. Functionality extensions will provide capabilities for advanced simulations in, wireless communications, image processing, controls, and advanced DSP.


Innovative extensions leading to a fully developed undergraduate web-based laboratory tool for the areas of DSP, Communications, Image Processing, and Controls (see Fig. above). The fully developed laboratory will: 

  • Provide for an on-line environment that enables unified simulations over the internet in any of the four different areas mentioned above
    • have capabilities for seamless integration of theory and its associated on-line experiments and visualization modules
    • exploit modern browser technologies to facilitate customized student learning
    • promote active learning methodologies that provide immediate feedback
  • Use evaluation and assessment of the java-based on-line experiments utilizing various credible sources.
    • Assessment specialist that is hired
    • University serving students in electrical engineering and computer science
    • Industry affiliates hiring undergraduate interns via the ASU corporate leaders program 
    • Our own web-based evaluation from ASU students taking relevant courses 
    • Users accessing the java software lab through relevant search engines and network groups affiliated with professional societies 
The usage of the java-based lab by faculty in other institutions that agreed to act as test sites for our software and electronic laboratories. So far faculty from the following institutions have agreed to install our software on their servers provide feedback: Georgia Tech, University of Texas-Dallas, University of Central Florida, University of Rhode Island, Northeastern University, University of Minnesota, University of Cyprus, University of New Mexico. We are in the process of contacting many other departments as well.

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