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Oct 2012: NEEDS Premier Award for iJDSP - Outstanding Engineering Courseware

The iJDSP software, developed at the ASU Java-DSP Laboratory, has been selected as the premium courseware for 2012, and will be awarded at the Frontiers in Education Conference to be held on Oct 3-6 2012, in Seattle, WA. The Premier Award is sponsored by John Wiley & Sons, Microsoft Research, Mathworks, and TechSmith.

Feb 2007: Team Award: For developing the outstanding non-commercial software J-DSP for Education and Research.

On Saturday, February 10th 2007, the ASU Java-DSP laboratory was recognized by the IEEE Phoenix section with a team award for developing the outstanding non-commercial software J-DSP for education and research.


Oct 2003: J-DSP voted as one of the top three learning resources for 2003.

The National Engineering Education Delivery System (NEEDS) holds an annual competition to recognize high-quality, non-commercial courseware designed to enhance engineering education.  This competition is co-sponsored by John Wiley and Sons Inc., The Mathworks Inc, and Microsoft Corporation. Sixteen multimedia courseware packages were nominated this year to the NEEDS evaluation panel and three were selected for national dissemination. Java-DSP (J-DSP), an ASU educational software package that enables on-line computer laboratories in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), was voted as one of the top three learning resources for the year 2003 in the NEEDS competition.  The NSF-funded J-DSP package will be recognized at the 2003 IEEE/ASEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference in Boulder, Colorado. Furthermore, the NEEDS will feature J-DSP in its digital library of engineering learning resources and will disseminate the ASU Java software to all FIE attendees and to engineering school Deans. J-DSP is sponsored by NSF CCLI-EMD 0089075.

Feb 2003: J-DSP received an award by the IEEE, Phoenix section.


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