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Automatic Grading System


Automatic report submission

This facility enables submission of electronic lab reports. It is being used in our undergraduate Digital Signal Processing course (EEE 407). Samples of this software are presented below. Follow the links below to see a simple demonstration of on-line quizzes and electronic reports submission with graphics.

Online Quizzes-  After completing an exercise, the students complete an online quiz. 
Submission of Graphics - Students also submit graphs they generate with J-DSP. 
Password Protection - Each student is required to enter a username and a password before using J-DSP and submitting electronic reports.


Automatic grading facility

Follow the links below to see a demonstration of  how the grading  process works. 

Automatic Grading - The multiple choice questions are graded automatically by a Linux shell script. 
Instructor grading - Instructor views students report through an internet browser, assigns a grade and provides feedback.
Students can view their grades and instructor feedback online. 
Solutions - Students can view solutions to assignments after grading process is complete.



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