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Interfacing J-DSP with LabVIEWTM Software

The scripting capabilities embedded in the software enable generation of HTML code and MATLABTM scripts. A new interface has been developed to allow students and users to move between Java-DSP and the National Instruments LabVIEWTM tool.  This interface is made possible using J-DSP Mathscript capabilities and provides an effective way to utilize several functions across the two visual programming environments. The motivation for providing this feature is to enable students to access important LabVIEWTM modules and functions and particularly tap on the powerful real-time capabilities of LabVIEWTM that allow users to acquire and process real-time signals.

Mathscript is a text-based scripting language available in LabVIEWTM that can be executed in the Mathscript window by the LabVIEWTM runtime engine. As such most or all J-DSP simulations can be translated to Mathscript code, modularly developed for block execution. Figure 1 illustrates the generation of Mathscript code for a certain J-DSP simulation. The generated code can be obtained by selecting “Export script” feature under the file menu. The code is then copied and saved as a file and can be subsequently loaded by LabVIEWTM.

Figure 1. Generating Mathscript code from J-DSP


The interface developed is a LabVIEWTM model (JDSP_Labview_Interface .vi) that takes the Mathscript code generated by JDSP and simulates the functionality of the original block diagram as designed in JDSP. In addition the interface also generates a pictorial layout of the block diagram in the LabVIEWTM front panel. This enables the user to visualize the logical flow of the simulation as expressed by JDSP and allows the user to handle the outputs of intermediate blocks using the native LabVIEWTM VIs. This has a great advantage in that it enables the user to combine the functionalities of both JDSP and LabVIEWTM.

Figure 2. Filter Design using Frequency Sampling in J-DSP


Figure 3. Pictorial Layout Generated by LabVIEW Interface using Mathscript Code

The outputs of each block are available as output terminals of the JDSP_Labview_Interface. The design can be extended by using the outputs with native LabVIEWTM blocks thereby effectively interfacing the features of both applications.

Figure 4. Illustrating Use of Real-Time Inputs with JDSP_Labview Interface


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