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 Collaborative Research: Phase 3 Design, Implementation and Dissemination of Multidisciplinary online Java Digital Signal Processing (J-DSP) Materials, Arizona State University, Awarded August 2008
(Award No.
NSF Award 0817596)

PI : Prof. Andreas Spanias (ASU)
Dr. Thornburgh (AME Applications), Dr. A. Papandreou-Suppappola (DSP), Dr. C. Tepedelenlioglu (DSP)-Suppappola (DSP)
Ayyanar (Power Systems), Dr. Thornton, Dr. Goodnick  (Applications in Ion Channel Sensors)
Haag (IAFSE Software and Content Evaluation)


  A collaborative project for  Phase 3 development and dissemination of the ASU Java-DSP software was funded in August 2008. This is a collaborative project with ASU as the lead university. The total funds awarded exceed $1.2M with $1,022,777.00 awarded exclusively to ASU.   ASU, as the lead university, will perform the main algorithm, technology, and software development tasks while its project partners at Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington-Bothell, PVAMU, University of New Mexico, University of Cyprus and Rose-Hullman Institute of Technology will establish test sites for software and content evaluation.  Partners of  Phase 2 J-DSP project,  UCF, UTD, and URI, will also continue performing software evaluations and content assessment.

Co-PI at Johns Hopkins University : Dr. Linda Hinnov
Co-PI at University of Washington :  Dr. Mike Stiber
Co-PI at Prairie View A&M : Dr. Cajetan M. Akujuobi.
Directors of Test Sites : Dr.
E. Doering (Rose-Hulman), Dr. C. Pattichis (University of Cyprus), Dr. M. Pattichis (University of New Mexico).


- J-DSP is a technology that enables online laboratories and simulations.  The software has been disseminated to more than 25 universities.  MIT, Johns Hopkins University , University of Washington-Bothell, University of Central Florida, University of Cyprus and University of Texas-Dallas are using the software in DSP related courses.  More on http://jdsp.asu.edu/jdsp.html

- J-DSP is a filed trademark of ASU/ABOR. J-DSP software copyright ASU/ABOR

- J-DSP software technology concept by A. Spanias, ASU 1997-2008.

- J-DSP rated as one of top three non commercial software resources by the Berkeley NEEDS competition in  2003




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