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J-DSP Adaptive Signal Processing - Industry Primer

(NSF Award No. 0817596)


An industry workshop on Adaptive Signal Processing (adaptive filters) with J-DSP will be conducted on June 18, 2010 at the University Club in Arizona State University. [Photos]


Adaptive signal processing: least squares, system identification, adaptive gradient algorithms, the LMS algorithm, the RLS algorithm, sequential and block algorithms, frequency-domain algorithms, adaptive noise and echo cancellation, applications to equalizers and smart antennas, Radar, spectral analysis, speech processing, forecasting.

Concepts will be illustrated using simulations with J-DSP, Matlab and LabVIEW.

Instructor: Dr Andreas Spanias (Bio available here.)

IMPORTANT: Advance registration is required but there is no charge for the workshop.


1. B.S. Tejashri Budhha, ASU.
2. Henry Braun, ASU.
3. Jayanth Madapura, Microchip.
4. Priyabrata Sinha, Microchip.
5. Doug Kunz, National Instruments.
6. Yeemon Yauk, Acoustic Technologies.
7. Samuel Ebenezer, Acoustic Technologies.
8. Marie Burnham, Freescale semiconductors.
9. Thripthi Hegde, Intel.
10. Venkatachalam Krishnan, ASU.

This workshop is sponsored by the NSF Phase 3 grant award 0817596 (DWS 0380).


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