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Northeastern/Southeastern Geological Society of America Meeting 2010

Baltimore, Maryland

Workshop: Analyzing Earth Signals with J-DSP- Real-Time, Deep-Time and Online

(NSF Award No. 0719714)


A workshop on analyzing Earth signals with J-DSP was conducted as a part of the Northeastern/Southeastern Geological Society of America meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland from March 13-16, 2010.

A photograph of the workshop is available here.


Dr. Linda Hinnov, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Andreas Spanias, Arizona State University
Karthikeyan Ramamurthy, Arizona State University


The participants will learn how to analyze Earth signals with the online Java-Digital Signal Processing (J-DSP) Laboratory. An introduction to basic signal processing will be followed by a tutorial on global sustainability that examines ‘real-time’ signals of global temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide. A second tutorial will focus on ‘deep-time’ signals of paleoclimatic change with uncertain timescales. Students and researchers will benefit from a new intuitive environment for comprehensive analysis of Earth signals. Instructors will obtain new materials for classes on global change and Earth system history. This course is part of a new Phase 3 multidisciplinary J-DSP project funded by the National Science Foundation.


1. Nicholas Gilson,Johns Hopkins University (JHU).
2. Hannah Holliday, JHU.
3. Sha'Quayla Hill, JHU.
4. Thomas Scialo.
5. Magda Nowosadko, JHU.
6. Clare Flynn, JHU.
7. Julia Guarino, JHU.
8. Courtney Wilcox, JHU.
9. Marco Franceschi, University of Padova, Italy.

More details and updates on the workshop can be found here.


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