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Collaborative Workshop on NSF J-DSP Phase 3 with ASU and
the University of Cyprus

January 30, 2013 - GWC 409, Arizona State University

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A workshop on recent advances and developments in the Java-DSP software will be conducted on January 30, 2013 at the Goldwater Center room 409, Arizona State University from 1 PM - 3PM.

The participants of this workshop will be exposed to the utility of the Java-DSP education software in multidisciplinary signal and data analysis applications. Topics covered include the extensions of Java-DSP to Earth Systems, Image Processing and Communications. Furthermore, the iOS (iJDSP) and Android (AJDSP) versions of the sofware will also be presented and demonstrated during the workshop.

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Registration for the workshop is not required.  Interested participants may email sensip@asu.edu to RSVP.

Workshop Objectives:

The participants of the workshop will:

     - get introduced to the basics of Java-DSP and understand how to setup basic simulations.
    - understand the utility of Java-DSP in analyzing Earth systems signals.
    - visualize basic image processing and OFDM simulations using Java-DSP.
    - acquaint themselves with the Java-DSP mobile versions, the AJDSP and the iJDSP.
    - get introduced to the sensor interfaces for AJDSP.


The workshop is intended for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Geology and Earth Systems and other engineering faculty and instructors teaching courses that involve signal and data analysis.


Prof. Andreas Spanias, Arizona State University
Prof. Costas Pattichis, University of Cyprus
Dr. Mahesh Banavar, Arizona State University


1:00 PM
Introduction to Java-DSP: Jayaraman Thiagarajan
1:10 PM Earth Systems and imaging functions in Java-DSP: Karthikeyan Ramamurthy
1:20 PM
OFDM in Java-DSP: Sai Zhang
1:30 PM The Android JDSP (AJDSP) software: Suhas Ranganath
1:40 PM
Sensor Interface to AJDSP: Deepta Rajan
1:50 PM The iOS JDSP (iJDSP) software: Girish Kalyanasundaram
2:00 PM Comments and Plans for Java-DSP in UCy - Dr. Costas Pattichis
2:10 PM Students' discussion with Dr. Pattichis

The event is co-sponsored by NSF (Award No. 0817596) and the SenSIP Center, Arizona State University.

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